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YOUR HOTEL: All rooms reserved at the Hotel are NON-SMOKING. A valid credit card, debit card or cash deposit is required by the Hotel at check-in to cover any incidental charges. Each person in the room is responsible for payment of any incidental charges, internet charges and/or parking fees incurred at the Hotel. Complimentary Self-Parking is included in your hotel rate, but Valet Parking is an additional charge and must be paid directly to the Hotel. Vehicles not displaying a valid Parking Pass will be subject to towing at owner's expense. Final payment of any incidental charges or parking fees must be paid directly to the Hotel upon check-out. A la Carte Tours will not be held liable for any unpaid charges of any kind made to your room. It is your responsibility to review and/or dispute any room charges with the Hotel Front Desk prior to check-out. Luggage handling fees are additional and not included in your tour package or hotel rate. Complimentary internet service is also included in your hotel rate.

Upon check-in  at your Hotel, you must attend the A la Carte Tours Meet-and-Greet event to pickup your WELCOME PACKET which includes your personal ID Badges and Event Tickets. Please check with the Hotel Front Desk for the time and location of the A la Carte Tours Meet-and-Greet event. Your included ID Badge must be worn at all times to enter all scheduled events. Airport Transfer Vouchers will be provided to you in advance of your travel dates. All ID Badges, Event Tickets and Vouchers are the responsibility of each individual. Please be advised that these items if lost are not replaceable, and would require that you purchase replacement items at your own expense. In the event that you lose your Rose Parade Reserved Seat Tickets, you will not be able to attend the Rose Parade, since these tickets can not be repurchased at the parade. No credit or refund will be given for any lost or damaged Vouchers or Tickets, any unused Vouchers or Tickets, or any unused portion of your Tour Package.

Waiver Agreement:

RESPONSIBILITIES: It is agreed and understood that A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. is not responsible for the travel services included in your Tour Package. A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. has requested services on your behalf and acts solely as an agent for the actual suppliers of such services. You are advised that the suppliers are those who are actually responsible for providing the travel services you have purchased. By submitting payment and embarking on your travel package, you consent to and request the use of these travel suppliers and agree not to hold A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. responsible in any way should any of these suppliers 1) fail to provide the travel services you have purchased 2) fail to comply with any applicable laws, or 3) engage in any negligence or omission that causes you any sort of personal injury, death, damage, delay, upset or other inconvenience.

By departing on your travel package you accept all responsibilities for travel and agree A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. is not responsible for, nor will you attempt to hold A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. liable for personal injury or death, damage or loss or upset of any kind that you may suffer for any conditions, actions or omissions inherit with travel that are beyond the reasonable direct control of A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd.

You also agree that neither A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. nor any of its suppliers shall be liable for any loss or damage to personal property, personal injury or death, or any expense associated with any act or omission of any supplier providing services, and any insurer or insurance administrator. And you further agree that in the event of any changing conditions, actions, bankruptcies, acts of war, terrorist acts, riots, fire, flood, acts of God, breach of contract or omission by any supplier that A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. may make changes to the itinerary, substitutions or alternate arrangements necessary for the comfort, convenience or safety of the tour participants without your prior consent or notification.

A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. is not responsible if an airline cancels, reschedules or delays a flight for any reason, or any other delay if traveling by any other form of transportation. Trip Insurance is offered and strongly recommended to protect your travel investment, should any unforseen circumstances arise (ie: flight cancellation, death or illness in the family, etc.). Traveling without proper Trip Insurance is at your own risk, and you assume all responsibilities for such action. After check-in, you must work with the airline or other transportation provider directly to reach your destination or make any alternate arrangements including arrangements for return services. Please be aware that airlines and other transportation providers often charge fees for modifications to schedules not related to airline imposed flight or other transportation cancellations, reschedules or delays. These fees will be payable to the airline or other transportation service provider directly at time of request. If you miss your departure flight or other transportation connection, or do not arrive for any portion of your Tour Package, it is your responsibility to work with the airline or other transportation provider on which you are ticketed or make other arrangements necessary to reach your destination or to join up with the group. No refunds will be provided by A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. for any portion of the Tour Package missed due to cancelled, rescheduled, delayed flights or other transportation issues, or if you fail to arrive in time for any reason for any scheduled tour event. Nor is A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. responsible for any additional expenses you may incur prior to joining any portion of your Tour Package, if you miss your departure flight, flight connection, or other transportation issues, or fail to arrive in time for any departure on any scheduled tour event. 

carefully for any errors. You are responsible for reviewing all travel confirmations and documents for accuracy upon receipt and understand that you may contact A la Carte Tours if you should have any questions, corrections or concerns. You understand that any errors not brought to the attention of A la Carte Tours prior to final payment are your responsibility, and that under no circumstances will A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. be held liable for your oversight of such errors. You further understand that tickets and other arrangements typically involve restrictions and that changing any aspect of your travel arrangements may result in the payment of additional charges.

at least 24 HOURS prior to scheduled departure directly with the appropriate carrier. Allow a minimum check-in time of at least 1 - 1 1/2 hours prior to flight departure time, even longer for larger airports. Due to changing weather conditions, flight schedules change frequently during the winter season. It is critical that you reconfirm your flight prior to arriving at the airport. If using alternate transportation providers please reconfirm your travel arrangements with the appropriate provider.

If your trip is cancelled or changed during a time when you are unable to contact A la Carte Tours, it is your responsibility to contact the Hotel or transfer service directly and cancel or change your reservation as needed. Additional charges may apply for any changes.

For the benefit of every tour participant in our Rose Parade Tour, A la Carte Tours reserves the right to accept or reject any tour participant, and to remove any tour participant who would be considered a risk to the participants's own health, safety, well-being or the health, safety, well being, comfort and enjoyment of any other tour participant, or whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of any other tour participant. A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. will not be held liable for any refund or cover any cost or expenses incurred for termination of travel arrangements or services due to health, safety or unacceptable behavior.

Smoking is prohibited at all times at the Hotel, onboard the motorcoaches, in the restaurants or in all designated non-smoking areas; this includes electronic cigarettes. Failure to comply with any non-posted or posted non-smoking restrictions may result in a fine, penalty and possible removal of any participant from the tour at their own expense, and no refund will be given for any unused portions of your Tour Package.

Please be aware that during your participation in your Tour Package certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control, including but not limited to the hazards of traveling in a motorcoach or other means of transportation, uneven or rocky terrain, steps or stairs, forces of nature, political unrest, acts of lawlessness or terrorism, and accidents or illness in areas without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. will not be held liable regarding provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be required. By participating in your Tour Package and/or optional tours you agree you will hold A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. harmless regarding any provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care rendered.

You understand that all payments for your Tour Package are considered to be NON-REFUNDABLE. No refund or credit of any type will be issued for any unused portions of your Tour Package at any time for any reason. You further understand that you may purchase Trip Insurance to cover certain risks inherit in travel such as supplier bankruptcy and the inability to travel due to a covered medical or personal emergency. You understand that you may obtain information and purchase Trip Insurance from A la Carte Tours or other insurance providers. Trip Insurance is offered and strongly recommended by A la Carte Tours / Avenues To Travel, Ltd. to protect your travel investment and you personally prior to and during your trip.


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